I cannot detect the ScreenBeam Receiver from my laptop computer using the ScreenBeam display software. What's wrong?



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  • Michael Olszewski

    It have rebooted the computer several times. The Receiver also has had several "power" resets (un-plugging it). The USB transmitter has been unplugged and plugged back in twice. The "Scanning for receivers..." window remains empty. The only option under "Channel" is "Auto", the Connect & Re-scan buttons are both greyed out. The PC is only about 10 feet (maybe less) away from the Receiver. My computer is does not seem to be compatible with Miracast (according to DXDiag), so I that's why I am using the Transmitter (plugged into a USB 2.0 port). Are there any programs that I need to make sure are uninstalled (such as Intel Wi-Di)? Have been wrestling with it for about 4 hours...

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