In Windows 8.1, I can't adjust the screen size with the ScreenBeam Configuration Utility. I can't find the screen size adjustment option.




  • Lukas Miller

    “connect your device to the ScreenBeam Mini 2 receiver first“ -that means I should connect the screenbeam mini2 to the windows laptop over wireless right? I think my mom inserted the mini2 into the laptops hdmi and launched the utility? Got mom one of these as a birthday gift and she dont understand it lol i'm gonna use a vnc or something soon to help her get it working as she lives hours away.

    From: Lukas

    windows8.1 Pro

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  • Mike T

    Yes, you would use the Miracast function on the computer to connect wirelessly to the Mini 2 receiver to display the computer on the tv. Typically VPN's and RDP sessions will not allow the computer to connect to the mini 2 but it will depend on the resources available on the computer and the wireless capability. The Mini 2 receiver gets connected to the TV's HDMI port not the computer. The ScreenBeam Configuration Utility is NOT required unless the computer is running windows 7 and our ScreenBeam transmitter is installed in the computer. You will need to make sure the laptop Wireless adapter and Display adapter drivers are up to date.

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