How can I contact Actiontec for support with my ScreenBeam Product?




  • Hyun Chan Lee

    1. With the ScreenBeam do I need the wifi?

    2. How far the distance does the wireless work?   My church has 80 feets between the computer and the TV      screens.

    3. With 2 TVs, so, when I have 2 ScreenBeams, can I have same pictures?

      Or, is there any other way?    

    Please answer me to     Thanks.     Henry

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  • Tech Support


    1. If you are streaming content from the internet via your Laptop, tablet or  cellphone then those devices do need wifi

    2. recommended distance is 25 to 35 ft maximum.

    3. No, these are 1 to 1 devices which means only 1 laptop/tablet/cellphone can connect to the ScreenBeam at a time.

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