Why do I get a black screen when trying to use my Netflix app with the ScreenBeam Mini2?




  • Martha Brady

    I screanbeam Netflix all the time but I'm using a miracast app from Google play because my phone doesn't have wireless display or cast in settings , In fact the 3 phones I've mirror casted didn't have anything in the display settings so I just download a miracast app. I live in a very rural area and no internet service available so I only have my smartphone for internet and alot of android phones have the chromecast built In which requires a separate wifi for tv and phone to connect to so the screanbeam is the best solution for me because our smart tv is almost 10 years old and not updated because no ethernet internet so the screanbeam mini 2 works great so far with HTC desire smartphone, Samsung J7, samsung A50,. The Motorola phones aren't miracast certified and many things I'm reading says if the android phone has casting in the settings menu or screen share then it works but neither of the phones I just mentioned have that in the menu but they work. I just download a miracast app from play store. I click on the app and screanbeam stick connects and I go to movie apps or a movie website and I'm streaming movies on my tv. Its great!!!!

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  • SB Tech Support


    Did you have an issue that you needed assistance with regarding the ScreenBeam Mini 2?

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