Why do I get no audio or no video or the video is messed up when I connect to my MyWirelessTv2 device?




  • Glenn Fielder

    Have used the MyWirelessTV2 for some time but today, the video froze on both TVs. The audio is ok and channels can be changed but the frozen picture remains on both. Have tried all the recommended fixes but nothing works. Both lights are green on both units but when in menu mode Pairing cannot be selected even after factory reset. If the transmitter is bypassed, the tv works fine.  The cable system is ok because all other tvs in house work fine. What could be causing the problem?

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  • SB Tech Support


    The "Pairing" option has been disable in this series as these are only 1 to 1 sets. Pairing is automatic based on their serial numbers.

    Frozen screens indicate an HDCP transmission issue. To resolve this make sure to disconnect ALL cables from both the transmitter and receiver then apply power only. Before reconnecting them to source device and tv's make sure your source device settings are set correctly as listed above. you can then reconnect as if doing a re-install.

    You can get further assistance by contacting our technical support department at 888-436-0657 if the units are still within their warranty or via email at the following link.

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