How to reset the MWTV2 Transmitter and receiver to factory defaults?




  • Stanley Pryor

    I see no reset button on the transmitter or receiver. I see menu and select button on the receiver and just a select button on the transmitter.  I am trying to transmit from my desktop to my TV and all my TV is saying is no signal

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  • SB Tech Support


    There is no "reset" button.  As the instructions above state "push the Menu button on the receiver for 5 seconds, then release, " to do the reset.

    If your tv says "no signal"

    1. You do not have the MWTV2 receiver connected to the tv and powered on

    2. You do not have the tv set to the correct source option

    If you need further help you can call our support at 1-888-436-0657

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