Why there is no support for WCB3000N's purchased from vendors on Amazon?




  • david white

    I spent my whole life in maintenance field and I know equipment can be wiped totally clean. Or the manufacturer can send file to do so and you're telling us there Isn't a way to completely reset them? And why hasn't ActionTec posted this on Amazon?
    I just purchased the ECB2500C To go with my 2 WCB3000N. Which probably explains why I get said name is invalid. And now all I've got is a stack pile of actiontec junk. Without being able to config these to my router settings and ssid they're garbage to me.

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  • SB Tech Support

    If you purchased ISP specific devices and you do not have that ISP then we recommend you return the product to the seller for a refund as mentioned in the article above.

    The units can be factory reset by following the instructions in the article below. There is no way to change the firmware on the units. 



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